Coaching for IIT (JEE Main/Advanced)
    — by an IIT Engineer


Raj Lohar (IIT aspirant) 16th February, 2024

I am preparing for JEE Advanced 2024 exam. I have been taking the Physics, Chemistry and Maths coaching course from Mentorials for the past 6 months. Sir is an excellent teacher who explains complex concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner. Sir believes in clearing all conceptual foundations before moving to difficult problems. He solves a variety of examples during the class and also assigns practice problems to ensure that the topics are fully clear. Sir is always available to help students and resolve their doubts. I have benefitted greatly from his systematic teaching approach. My understanding of all subjects has improved significantly. I would highly recommend Mentorials for coaching to all JEE aspirants.

Amandeep Sen (+2 student) 7th April, 2022

I had a lot of trouble with Mathematics and sir's excellent teaching has made me a lot more confident and less scared of Maths. He clears all of our doubts and makes sure that all of our concepts are crystal-clear. This is undoubtedly the best place to study Mathematics for JEE as well as IIT aspirants.

Diptajit Kundu (JEE aspirant) 13th March, 2022

I am a JEE aspirant. Studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths at Mentorials has been really helpful. Doubts and confusion are cleared in no time. Understanding difficult concepts has become really easy. I am very satisfied with the quality of coaching.

Sankhyadeep Mandal (+2 student) 13th March, 2022

Earlier I was not up to the mark in mathematics but Sir dragged me up so smoothly that now I am much better confident rather than earlier. He is very friendly and well-versed as well.

Kartick Karmakar (Parent) 9th February, 2020

My son is learning mathematics for XI-XII. Sir clears all the difficult concepts and he is very much satisfied with the teacher. Sir gives individual attention which becomes very much helpful for his studies. He is taught to solve many tough problems in Mathematics.

Shashwat Sharma (IIT aspirant) 6th February, 2020

I am an IIT aspirant for 2021. I am also studying in a commercial IIT coaching class but had difficulty in understanding many concepts. Here in Mentorials, Sir pays attention to clearing fundamentals before tackling IIT problems. We solve many problems of different difficulty levels. The batch size is small and timings are flexible. We get full time to clear our doubts.

Tirtharaj Roy (NEET aspirant) 6th February, 2020

I am preparing for NEET & JEE Main. Sir clears all fundamental concepts and doubts before proceeding to next topic. I get to do huge number of problems.

Debisree Roy Karmakar (ISI aspirant) 12th October, 2019

I am preparing for ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) entrance for Masters degree in Economics. My fundamentals in Maths were weak. This centre is really helping me to improve my fundamentals, and prepare for maths/statistics for BSc Econ. course and ISI entrance. I get individual attention, and the environment for studying is perfect. Now I am feeling very confident in Maths.

Preety Datta (JEE aspirant) 12th October, 2019

I am studying for JEE Main, and taking mathematics and physics courses. Sir is helping me in clearing fundamental concepts and learning thoroughly both the subjects. He gives full personal attention to solving all difficulties that I face. The study environment is very good and peaceful. I get to solve problems from a number of top class books on mathematics and physics.

Pran Ranjan (HR Head, Corporate) 27th July, 2019

A very novel way of teaching; not money minded as market is flooded these days of. Very customized learning approach and very promising venture.

Dipashri Roy (UPSC aspirant) 15th July, 2019

Best place to get prepared for competitive exams especially for people coming from non science background. I am preparing for civil service exams and I'm coming from a total non science background. This institution is helping me out in the simplest way to solve and understand Logical Reasoning explaining everything in detail.

Ayan Karmakar (+2 student) 13th July, 2019

I am learning Mathematics for class XI-XII. Sir clears all the difficult concepts and I am very much satisfied with his teaching. Sir gives individual attention which becomes very much helpful.

Tirtha Roy Karmakar (+2 student) 10th July, 2019

I am learning maths for my JEE exam.All my doubts have cleared after joining here. Its an ideal place for all who want to give JEE.

Kamini Shrivastava (Lawyer) 10th July, 2019

Excellent coaching by an ex-IITian for those students who want to crack the IIT exam.

Dilip Roy Karmakar (Parent) 8th June, 2019

It's a perfect place for all who want to give the JEE Main exam. My son joined here for maths and he has improved a lot. The teacher has really improved his skills on maths.

Niladri Singh Parihar (ABAP Programmer) 27th May, 2019

Great learning experience from an Ex-IITan. Excellent understanding of concept and a man who can definitely help you in cracking IIT-JEE.

Kavita Lal (Middle-school Coach) 26th May, 2019

Excellent coaching for IIT entrance by an ex-IITian. Who can guide better than someone who had himself cracked the exam?

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